I ship Klaine and CrissColfer.

I like to measure the stage to see how many paces I have in each direction. That way, if I decide to freestyle, I won’t fall on my ass into the crowd.

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Don’t you fucking tell me Chris isn’t making lewd gestures with his mouth while staring at Darren..


…Darren catching Chris..


then THIS moment….





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2 questions and this is it for today…I promise.

1.  What’s the story about the jade/now platinum ring that Darren wears on his middle right finger?  I’ve never seen anyone address that…

2.   I’m thinking YOU might know this:  I’m not a fan-fiction reader but I do read the “Blind Gossip” blog and there’s been a lot of talk about Chris trying to get Darren off the show (there were 5 separate articles.)  Ultimately they said that he was staying for the final season but that he and Kurt would not be together.  Mainly though, it said that Darren and Chris “saw” each other a few times and “hooked-up” on those occasions.  True or false or just speculation?

1. I’ve seen a few people address the ring he wears on his middle right finger. I think (Now, I’m not too sure so if this is wrong I’m so sorry) that a ring on the middle right finger is supposed to symbolise promise rings or something for people in same-sex relationships and Darren tends to wear it when he’s away from Chris or whenever he’s talking about Chris he always plays with it. It’s really cute actually :D

2. Okay Blind Gossip are just a website that make up gossip. And yes they said Chris and Darren have hooked-up, and they more than likely have hooked-up, but because it’s from Blind Gossip, it’s just speculation.

I hope this helped!


Who is Santana paired with that starts with a “D”? 

Dantana is the pairing of Dani and Santana :D

Recent Spoilers

The Glee “spoilers” (and there are an over abundance of them) are freaking many people out including me.  What’s your take on these “so-called spoilers and where are they coming from?

Yes they’re freaking me out too! The fact there are so many spoilers makes me think that most of them won’t be true so that’s really comforting! On the other hand, this is Glee and the writers always create storylines that make people talk about the show instead of giving the people who actually still watch the show what they want, so that has me kind of worried :/

I guess all we can do is wait and try not to panic too much, because no matter what happens everyone in the show will get a happy ending.

As for where they are coming from, it’s just from random people’s blogs so the spoilers aren’t really that reliable. The only confirmed spoilers I can think of are Rachel singing “Let It Go” and Blaine not having hair gel in some scens :D

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Do bananas float?


Yes. Yes they do.

thank you

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sext: my mom can pick up if your mom can drop us off

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